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Registered Angus Bred Cows & Heifers For Sale
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It's Money in your pocket! 

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My Cows are better than your cows!

My Cows carrie the New 

"C.A.B." Certified Genetic EPD's"

& the "Certified Angus Beef" brand logo from the American Angus Association

Simply Stated I get paid more for my calves, steers, breeding stock, Heifers, Bred Cows, Bulls & Grass-fed Beef, because of the "C.A.B. Certification"!

Make Sure Your Next Cow is Genetically CAB Certified through ANGUS  GS DNA Testing!

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GAR Ashland at 14 Months

Angus Calf Bulls & Heifers For Sale
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The Proven Ladies

Pregnant Cows For Sale!

Ultrasound Confirmed

NOW! Pregnant & Looking Great!

Due Fall 2022

Cattle with a History, Lead Into the Future!

We AI'ed to Some of the World's Best Angus Sires!

  • Checked Safe to Calf by Ultrasound & due fall 2022.

  • “The Hard work has been done” and your are profitable from the start!

  • Angus GS DNA testing is proof of what these girls are capable of producing.

  • These Cows with AI Pregnancy's sell with 4, 5, 6 and even 7 Angus Pathfinders in their 3 gen pedigree. That is a "Proven Track Record" of Angus genetics.

Bred Cows, Heifers & Bred Heifers are Ready To Go!

AI'ed to my favorite Herd Changing Bull in the world!

GB Fireball 672 AAA 18690054

And Pasture Exposed to

GAR Ashland B2059 AAA 18690054 & "BRUCE" GAR Absolute D5388, Bruce has earned us over $300,000 as a part time cover bull.  

WOW just look at the potential of these prodigy. Even better look at the data

of their prodigy that are on the ground, they are setting records.

Heifers and Cows are at varying ages and Genetics call or text to

discuss what will work best for you. 214-478-6446 Britt 


Available Now! 1860 Proven Ladies

(Calving Now! Oct thru Nov

7 available buy one or all

Calf at side included at this price)


8/B536, Lesikar Barbara B536, Reg: AAA 17820891, Cow, Birth Date: 01/25/2014 Tattoo: B536

An OCC Anchor 771A daughter (how hard is this to come by, very) with D H D Traveler 6807, N Bar Emulation EXT & Q A S Traveler 23-4 on the Top side and Bemindful Maid D H D 0807, N Bar Primrose 2424, Juanda of Rollin Rock 0355 & Sedgwicks Barbara 087 on the bottom. Outstanding pedigree with 9 Angus Pathfinders in her 3-generation pedigree (unheard of), she is a "Grass-fed" calf making machine. With outstanding calves like Miss Inertia 6807 G035 & 1860 Absolute Inertia J 23 she is a proven herd improvement specialist. Just turned 8 and was AI bred to GB Fireball 672 & Pasture Exposed to “Johnny Bravo”. Price $4,500


62/B434 - Lesikar Annie B434, Reg: AAA 18110701, Cow, Birth Date: 10/10/2014 Tattoo: B434

A Granddaughter of OCC Emblazon 854E and a GGD of D H D Traveler 6807, OCC Backstop 888B, S A F 598 Bando 5175. A Granddaughter of the World Renown Dixie Erica of C H 1019, follow that up with such great as Barbara 087 & Sedgwicks Barbara 4171. Keep all heifers as they will be Paxton granddaughters out of Dixie of Erica!  6 Angus Pathfinders in her 3-generation pedigree. With such great progeny as G033, H043 & J 07 she will be a very profitable cornerstone to your herd. Just turned 7 and was AI bred to GB Fireball 672 & Pasture Exposed to “Johnny Bravo”. Price $4,800


68/A435, Lesikar Barbara A435, Reg: AAA 17573492, Cow, Birth Date: 03/25/2013 Tattoo: A435

Say Hallelujah! A GGD of Dixie Erica of C H 1019 & D H D Traveler 6807 (one of the most influential Angus Sire in history). Add to that N Bar Emulation EXT & G A R Scotch Cap 867 followed up by O C C Emblazon 854E & G A R Predestined and you have a SUPER COW with a History to prove it. With 8 Angus Pathfinders in her 3 generation (that is unheard of) she adds a foundation to your herd to build a "Grass-fed" empire on. With 6 powerful calves to her credit, she has produced C.A.B. Genetics in H039 and J 04 bull calves proving she is a leader in the grass-fed world.  Just turned 7 years old, AI bred to GB Fireball 672 & Pasture Exposed to “Johnny Bravo”. Price $4,500


70-Z283, Lesikar Queen Idelette Z283, Reg: AAA 17169881, Cow, Birth Date: 01/24/2012 Tattoo: Z283

With 9 outstanding "Angus Pathfinders" in her 3-generation pedigree, that is impressive by itself but when you consider it is such great Sires as D H D Traveler 6807, Sitz Traveler 8180, Connealy Lead On & S A V 8180 Traveler 004 she is stacked with genetics. Now add to that Eila Eila of Conanga, Vermilion Blackbird 3525 & Vermilion Blackbird 5044 you have a cow that delivers genetics beyond what most cattleman can fathom. She is a Herd Builder! With calve like G039, H024 (valued at $10,000) & J 08 you have a proven History to build on.  Just turned 7 years old, AI bred to GB Fireball 672 & Pasture Exposed to “Johnny Bravo”. Price $4,500


78-0823,Spruce Mtn Primrose 0823, Reg: AAA +*16905268, Cow, Birth Date: 08/18/2010 Tattoo: 0823

Super Cow just raised twin Fireball bull calves, talk about a money maker for your ranch, this is the one. With 9 calves to her name, she calves every 364 days "like clockwork"! These are the genetics that build a "profitable" ranch. Connealy Lead On, Connealy Onward, Sitz Traveler 8180 & S A V 8180 Traveler 004 you are adding some of the most sought-after genetics in the Angus breed. Just one of her twin bull calves,  1860 GB Fireball 672 H021 is valued at $15,000 & H032 is valued at $10,500 at 18 months of age. That is one set of calves valued at $25,500 in just one calving season! Don't let this one pass.  11 years old, AI bred “again” to GB Fireball 672 & Pasture Exposed to “Johnny Bravo”. AI bred to GB Fireball 672 & Pasture Exposed to “Johnny Bravo”. Price $5,800


EXAR Unique Peggy 2146/653, Reg: AAA 17480185, Cow, Birth Date: 08/02/2012 Tattoo: 2146/653

Ohhhh! SNAP! A Grass-fed Queen with Marbling and Grid Factor to boot. First she is a BR Midland Granddaughter with Connealy Consensus 7229, Connealy Consensus & KMK Alliance 6595 I87 on the Top side. Add to that Blinda of Conanga 004, Blue Lilly of Conanga 16 & BR Royal Lass 7036-19 and you have just added some serious genetics from the top producers of the Angus World. Congratulations. She is producing C.A.B. progeny with outstanding EPD’s in the Grass-fed X DNA X $Beef world, with such progeny as G041, H023 & J 32. An outstanding animal. 9 years old, AI bred to GB Fireball 672 & Pasture Exposed to “Johnny Bravo”. Price $4,500


1860 Erica Sedgwicks F019, Reg: AAA 19181506, Cow, Birth Date: 03/12/2018 Tattoo: F019

She is a Grass-fed Powerhouse with the Angus “Pathfinders” in her lineage to prove it! With 5 Great Angus “Pathfinders” you have your foundation already built. Let’s lay the corner stones of SAV 8180 Traveler 004 & OCC Paxton 730P and then add to that SAV Mandan 5664 and the incredible B/R New Design 036 and you have the foundation that took over 21 years to build. On that foundation add some of the greatest Cow Families like; OCC Blackbird 736K, SAV Abigale 0451, Sedgwicks Erica 6280 & LAR Pride N154. You now have the genetics that so many want in their breeding programs. Her latest Son H001 has the phenotypical look you want in a bull and he excels in Grass-fed genetics with outstanding body , rib & hoof structure. If you want to improve a herd, this may be your girl.  3 years old and already with 2 calves, she is something else. , AI bred to GB Fireball 672 & Pasture Exposed to “Johnny Bravo”. Price $4,800



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