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AI calves are hitting the ground from GB Fireball 672, "Bruce" GAR Absolute D5388, Quaker Hill Rampage OA36, GAR Inertia, Ramesses 6124 and SAV Brilliance 8077


He is so big he won't fit the frame

Calves are hitting the Ground from our latest AI breeding to

GB Fireball 672 AAA +*18690054    

  • Unique curve bender, massive carcass EPD and positive fat. Phenotype wise he impresses in many areas, tight sheath, good shaped scrotal, really docile, well shaped feet, good head carriage, good top, well set tail and no white. Fireball has good length, muscle, depth and bone, a good looking carcass bull exhibiting base width.

  • Surefire Winner

  • Surefire calving ease and carcass quality with added performance 

  • Double digit Calving Ease USA EPD with top 10% growth for a big time curve bender spread

  • Offers a combination of Marbling and Rib Eye Area USA EPDs that is unmatched by any other active or non-parent sire in the Angus breed today

  • Offers significant sire line advantages for foot quality, muscle and USA $Beef.

  • Combine all with outstanding Scrotal, EMA, IMF and top 1% in all $Indexes, makes Fireball perhaps the ‘hottest’ CE, growth and carcass sire for 2020.

Understand; Confirmed Pregnant, Exposed,

Calving Window and more.

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The Bred Cows, Pairs and 3-in-1's  are ready. Bred by John Merrill & Juan Lara of ABS Global to my favorite Herd Changing Bulls in the world "Quaker Hill Rampage OA36", GB Fireball 672Springfield Ramesses 6124, Gardner Absolute D5388 and SAV Brilliance 8077!

WOW just look at the potential of these prodigy. Even better look at the data of their prodigy that are on the ground  are setting records.     

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These Ohlde Cattle genetics are the foundation of our breeding program.

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