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Working Genetics

For Grassfed Beef

Producers & Cattlemen!

Raising Beef on Grass Takes Genetics

GAR Absolute D5388 1.jpeg

324,127 WOW! Over Three Hundred Thousand Calves Produced by these 14 Sires

with AAA Registered Weaning Weights

as of Sept. 6, 2018

G A R Predestined - BR Midland - D H D Traveler 6807 - N Bar Emulation EXT - B/R New Design 036 - SAV 8180 Traveler 004 - B/R New Frontier 095 - Bon View New - Design 1407 - Bon View New Design 878 -Connelly Lead On - OCC Emblazon 854E

QAS Traveler 23/4 - Rito 6I6 of 4B20 6807 - SS Objective T510 0T26 - TC Dividend 963


Cows with the above Sires in their 3 generation pedigree sell as 3-in-1’s

Confirmed AI pregnant (by Ultrasound) to Some of the Best Angus Sires in the World and have a calf at their side from one of these "Worlds Best Sires" or GAR Absolute D5388!


3-in-1’s Ready For Your Herd!

Have been Bred to SydGen Enhanced #18170041, Springfield Elevate 8150 #19386782, SS Portside 8720 # 19414816, Springfield Ramesses 6124 #18746724, Rampage OA36, Baldridge Colonel C251 #18493773, SAV Brilliance 8077 # 16107774 or GAR Absolute D5388 # 18279287. 

  • Checked Safe to Calf & due approx Sept 2021.

  • “The Hard work has been done”!

  • Big Calf at their side & Angus GS DNA testing is proof of what these girls are capable of producing.· 

  • These 3-in1’s sell with 4, 5, 6 and even 7 of the above AAA Pathfinders in their 3 gen pedigree.

  • Jump Generations ahead at Super Low F.A.T. Cattle Prices!* (*see more about F.A.T. Cattle Pricing info on Home page)

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