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These Ohlde Cattle Co.

genetics are the foundation of our breeding program.

2021 Angus Bulls 

All Bulls are DNA Tested with

"Angus GS"  for the most Accurate EPD's 

The Angus GS DNA Testing has the incredible 

Genetic conditioning Tool(s). This tool provides a valuable  "potential Carrier Report".

This can help stop calving problems*.

No Surprises 283 days later! 


10 to 24 month old

Registered Angus Bulls

Sires, GS, GGS and Dams are herd changers; 

Quaker Hill Rampage 0A36 - S A V Brilliance 8077 - GAR Absolute D5388 - S A V 8180 Traveler 004 - DHD Traveler - N Bar EXT Emulation - O C C Paxton 730P - BR Midland - K C F Bennett Absolute - S A V Final Answer 0035 - O C C Emblazon 854E - GAR Predestined are just a few.

We cover everything from Double Digit Calving Ease

to Big Time $Beef, WW & YW.

Priced from $2500 to $10,000 there is something for everyone.

These bulls are grass-fed only, they will not shrink during the breeding season, they can make a living on good grass, mineral and salt. (Yes I give them a hand full of cubes to get them to the truck and to check health). Of course good forage & animal health practices must be followed.   

  • Cheap Bulls ain't any good and Good Bulls ain't Cheap

  • One mediocre bull makes no improvement to your herd.

  • One "Un-Tested" bull with Genetic defects can destroy your future and set you back years.

  • One good bull "will make improvements" to your herd and his off spring will put you generations ahead.

1860 Sept 2019 Bu.jpg
1860 Sept 2019.jpg
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1860 Sept Bull.jpg
1860 136A close up .jpg


Gar Absolute D5388 

1860 Rampage BR Midland G009

1860 Absolute Travler G017

1860 Absloute Emblazon G018

1860 Absolute Answer G020

1860 Absolute Emblazon G024

1860 D5388 Predestined G025

1860 John 316 G030

1860 Absolute Discovery G034

1860 John 316 G050

1860 SAV 8180 0035 GAR G051

1860 Absolute Answer G052

1860 GAR N Bar EXT G053

1860 EXAR GAR Absolute G057

$6,000 Herd Bull 5 years old

$4,000 Rampage & BR Midland

$2,800 Great Heifer Bull

$3,000 SOLD

$4,200 Calving Ease!!!

$4,500 SOLD

$4,700 CAB Certified!!!

$3,600 Herd Improver

$5,000 CAB Cert, CED, & $B

$4,000 Top $W & Calving Ease

$5,500 Top $W, CED, WW, YW....

$3,000 Good CED, BW & Ribeye

$4,500 CAB Certified!!! Top 2% CED

$4,500 A Bulls Bull & More

N Bar Emulation EXT.jpg

N Bar EXT