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1860 Farms

Vet Palpitation, Exposed, Clean-up Bull & Calving Window

Palpitation or Blood Draw:

  • Cows and/or heifers we list "confirmed bred” are only done so when a Veterinarian or Reproductive Technician has performed a “Pregnancy Check” by Ultrasound, palpitation or by a Blood Draw (confirmed by a lab test) and the animals were confirmed to be pregnant.

  • Cows and Heifers have an Evolutionary Instinct that is simple; The “Mother Survives” above all else. So a cow and or heifer can be confirmed pregnant and at any stage of that pregnancy “slough off” or “abort” the calf and not remain pregnant for the full term and give birth to a calf. This Evolutionary Instinct is different in each animal. At 1860 Farms we pride ourselves in doing everything possible to reduce this risk. We love our cows and our reputation is built on cows that produce calves.

  • However all cattle everywhere have this Evolutionary Instinct and we want our customer to understand that a normal abortion rate which, according to Merck Animal Health, can be up to 5% on an annual rate. At 1860 Farms all or our cattle give birth unassisted and our abortion rate is zero some years and 1%-2% in others. We provide every possible advantage to our cows to keep this as low as possible, new calves are what we love to see more than anything.


  • After Artificial Insemination of an animal we “Turn In” the “Clean-up Bull” and the cow and or heifer are then “Exposed” to that herd bull. This is an additional breeding service provided as a back-up, in case the Artificial Insemination did not take or the cow/heifer “sloughs off” the embryo in the early stages of pregnancy.    

  • Many of our cows and or heifers are bred thru “Natural Service” by one of our Herd bulls and are “Exposed” for a set time to create a “Calving Period”.

Calving Period:

  • This is an estimate of the period of time in which the cows and/or heifers should give birth to a calf. It is based on the breeding time exposed. For cows and/or heifers that are "confirmed bred" by a Ultrasound or Palpitation Exam, the calving period is estimated by the Veterinarian and is based on the results of the exam, the timing of the AI and or exposure time to the clean-up bull.

As always if you have any questions just ask.

Thanks Britt

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