A Rare Opportunity to own

a Set of Super Fancy Heifers!


It's Money in your pocket! 

Barging Rights Can Be Yours!

My Heifers are better than your heifers!

My Heifers carry the New 

"C.A.B." Certified Genetic EPD's"

& the "Certified Angus Beef" brand logo from the American Angus Association

Simply Stated I get paid more for my calves, steers, breeding stock, Heifers, Bred Cows, Bulls & Grass-fed Beef, because of the "C.A.B. Certification"!

Make Sure Your Next Heifer is Genetically CAB Certified through ANGUS  GS DNA Testing!

A Set of 10 Registered Angus Heifers, DNA Tested

Out of some of the best Sires in the Angus Breed!

1-out of Springfield Ramesses 6124, AAA 18746724

1-out of S A V Brilliance 8077, AAA 16107774

2-out of GAR Inertia, AAA 18636043

6-out of GAR Absolute D5388, AAA 18279287

GAR Inertia 5226.jpg

GAR Inertia

SAV Brillinace 8077.png

SAV Brilliance 8077

GAR Absolute D5388 1.jpeg

GAR Absolute D5388

19 Brisket.jpg
G Heife.jpg
Go group.jpg

26 months-Time invested to get heifers to breeding age. Average age of this group is 18-20 months as of May 2021.

It Takes 10 or more"Cattle Professionals" -to collect semen, breed, raise & care for these Heifers to get the to this point.

Many Successful Ranchers  will tell you, to always buy replacement heifers because of the cost and time involved to raise them to breeding age.

Lots of Grass- These girls are grass-fed only (salt, mineral & a few cubes) so their ability to perform on forage is proven.

44 Ruby, Blackcap, Erica & EXAR Unique Peggy - Make up some the Outstanding Angus Mamma's of this heifer group.  You just gotta see how these Mamma's make a living on grass & bring a calf to weaning every year.

EPD's- These are the "Right Type" of cattle and what you want in your new heifers going forward. The right Sire's, the right Mamma's & all of the hard work is already Done! 

The History & The Angus "Path Finders" - in these cattle give you a "History of Performance" and will show you how these girls are going to perform in the future!

F.A.T. Cattle Pricing!-

F. -Fair, based on age, EPD's or price paid

A. -Affordable (Dad owns the land)

T. -Tested, DNA tested for known Genetic Defects, Accurate Genomic Enhanced EPD's & Parentage

Price- With the Sires, Dams, AI Breeding, Angus Pathfinders, EPD's, Outstanding Genetics and the Incredible Prototypical look these Heifers have they would go for $5,500 to $8,000 at Auction. 

F.A.T Cattle Pricing - A Fair Price would be $5,000 each.

Buy All 10 as a group and I will take off 10%

making them just $4,500 each.

Cow Math-

$1,200 - A year to keep a registered cow in breeding condition & producing this type of calf.

$800- A year to birth, raise, provide Health care for Heifers of this quality.

$120- For Semen (some sexed), Registration, Sire Certificates.

$250- For AI work, shots, CIDR's, AI Technicians, cattle handlers, missed pregnancy's and Ultrasounds.   (This is actually a low amount)

$500- Yes according to Texas A&M, OSU and all the others we need to figure in the possibility of "Death Loss" on calves at an early age.(Never happens to us but it is a part of Cow Math per breeding season).

We are not adding in land cost, clean water, fencing and the $1.50 an hour I graciously pay my self. )

My Cow Math - says it takes me about $4,660.00 to produce an animal like this to a "Breeding Age" and Breed to some of the Worlds Best Angus Sires, yes, (I know yours will be much less) unless of course we get into drought conditions. This cost is why so many ranches buy their replacement heifers.

If you're interested call, text or email me to set up a time to come out and look them over.

Britt- 214-478-6446 or 1860Farms@gmail.com