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These Ohlde Cattle genetics are the foundation of our breeding program.

Many of our bulls have "Calving Ease" & qualify for the "Targeting The Brand" Certified Angus Beef program. These bulls have a greater genetic potential to produce calves meeting the "Certified Angus Beef" brand, so you get paid premiums or have fantastic home raised beef.  


While we have been promoting and telling you about our Genetics and
why you should have them in your herd, we wanted to be able to substantiate what we're saying.

So we decided to do a test. In June of 2017, we
sent a set of our steers to a feedlot and retained ownership. All the steers
were free of any growth hormones. The steers were backgrounded for 45
days and then shipped. All the steers were tagged with an EID Tag before
departure so we would be able to track their performance from our ranch
to the rail. We were most pleased with the results of this test showing what
Lesikar Genetics can achieve. The average In Weight was 444.9 pounds.
The average Finished Weight was 1263 pounds.


Please refer to the Carcass Chartbelow for the results from our test.

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