GAR Absolute 5388
GAR Absolute 5388

Herd Bull

Hank Ka-Dawg
Hank Ka-Dawg

New cow dog in training

Great Cow Families
Great Cow Families

Check out the Sires, Grand Sires, Dams and Grand Dams of our Cow Families.

GAR Absolute 5388
GAR Absolute 5388

Herd Bull


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These Ohlde Cattle genetics are the foundation of our breeding program.

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Registered Angus; Bred Cows, Bred Heifers

2in1's, 3in1's & Bulls all at F.A.T. Cattle Pricing



Has Sold Out!

Our breeding program has been super successful over the last 5 years! 

When we started I wanted 50 head of cattle to enjoy. 

Well thanks to our Herd Bull GAR Absolute D5388 and

our Extensive AI ( Artificial Insemination ) program, I have 150 head of cattle and 80 calves on the way!

Say Hallelujah and Celebrate, something in these crazy times is working and working well!   

But now I am "getting to big for my britches" & the wife said make some deals and Moove'em Out!

  • Registered Genetically Proven Grass-fed Cattle

  •  An Ultrasound Confirmed Pregnancy to "One of the Worlds Best Angus Sires"

The cow and calf at side are currently selling for $4,000 to $8,000 and the AI pregnancy the cow is carrying (when born) will be valued for $3,600 to $7000, just depending on the calf's Sire & EPD's.

So that is a $7,600 to $15,000 dollars worth of cattle at F.A.T. Cattle Pricing* see info below.

All 3in1's Have Sold Out!!

Pregnant Cows & Heifers are available!

I would like to Thank the Ranches and Ranchers that purchased these great cattle.

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Pregnant Cows & Heifers!

Ultrasound Confirmed at 90 Days Plus

Sires for this years AI Program

Cattle with a History,

Lead Into the Future!

SydGen Enhanced #18170041 - Springfield Elevate 8150 #19386782,

SS Portside 8720 # 19414816 - Springfield Ramesses 6124 #18746724, Rampage OA36 #16925771 - Baldridge Colonel C251 #18493773,

SAV Brilliance 8077 # 16107774 and or GAR Absolute D5388 # 18279287 

  • Checked Safe to Calf & due fall 2021.

  • “The Hard work has been done” and your are profitable from the start!

  • Angus GS DNA testing is proof of what these girls are capable of producing.

  • These Cows with AI Pregnancy's sell with 4, 5, 6 and even 7 Angus Pathfinders in their 3 gen pedigree. That is a "Proven Track Record" of Angus genetics.

  • Jump Generations ahead at Super Low F.A.T. Cattle Prices!* (*see more about F.A.T. Cattle Pricing below)

Now For some Pictures and videos of the Cows

(Keep in mind these Cows are Grass-fed Only)



Bruce (GAR Absolute D5388) Has done so well it is time for him to find a New Home.

See Sires Page for more info.

Private Treaty Production Sale 

We Have Bulls, Bred/Open Cows & Heifers, Calves and Starter Herds. 

F.A.T. Cattle Pricing Info

First time Angus buyers, weekend ranchers, commercial operations, home raised Grassfed beef fanatics, or even a big ranch with a registered herd, everyone is looking for great Angus Beef genetics at a great deal! 

1. Dad owns the ranch.

2. The tractor is paid for.

3. I have the worlds greatest job, raising Angus cattle with the goal to improve each generation as much as possible.

4. To make room for the next generation I must sell the new and improved ones I have now.

5. So I created F.A.T. Cattle pricing !

-Fair, based on age, EPD's or price paid

-Affordable (Dad owns the land)

-Tested, DNA tested for accurate EPD's

6. No Auction BS!

7. You get what you pay for in this world. When you buy cattle from me you'll be proud of the cattle, the genetics, & the value. Even better, you will be able to brag about it to all of your buddy's, with DNA tested EPD's to back you up. 

Thanks Britt

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Current member of the American Angus Association and the Texas Angus Association

Grass Fed Cows with Registered Angus Calves

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