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These Ohlde Cattle genetics are the foundation of our breeding program.

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Registered Angus; Bred Cows, Bred Heifers

2in1's, 3in1's & Bulls all at F.A.T. Cattle Pricing

Click on the Headline below to see EPD's, Pictures & Info "Herd Discount" applies to 1-14. Call for details. 

You can have your individual choice of animals at their F.A.T. Cattle Pricing. (Fair, Affordable & Tested) or Take a 25% Herd Discount if you take them all! 10% discount on 10 or more. 5% discount on 5 or more. Offers are welcome.

  1. Powerful Sexed AI Breeding “Confirmed to Quaker Hill Rampage OA36” for a Heifer Calf and the Bonus is she has a 5-month-old Heifer Calf at her side from GAR Absolute D5388!  

  2. 3in1, she is a Production Machine at 5.5 years old and pregnant with her 4th calf!

  3. Absolute Numbers You Can Count On! AI Bred to QH Rampage OA36 for a Heifer Calf!

  4. Follow 8 Angus Pathfinders to find the Genetics you’re looking for!

  5. Her Calf is Ready to be a Momma of Production!

  6. She is a “Who’s Who” of the grassfed genetics!     

  7. A PAXTON Granddaughter! Save all Heifers!

  8. Proven Certified Angus Beef Genetics on her first Calf!

  9. Let’s keep it simple, Top 10% WW, 10% YW, 10% $B, Top 15% RADG, $G, $F, $W, RE & More!

  10. You Could pay $10,000 at a fancy auction for this calf alone…

  11. If you love EPD’s like “Production”, “Carcass” & $Values then…

  12. AI’ed to GB Fireball 672, I can’t believe Dad is letting this one go at any price and a GAR Inertia 5226 Heifer calf at her side.

  13. 10 Angus Pathfinders in her 3-generation pedigree

  14. What-A-Cow!! Beefy, Beefy, Beefy!! A Bull Calf and a Herd Bull to Match!!

  15. 15-18 month old Bulls

Private Treaty Production Sale 

We Have Bulls, Bred/Open Cows & Heifers, Calves and Started Herds. 

Click here to see Herd EPD's

First time Angus buyers, weekend ranchers, commercial operations, home raised Grassfed beef fanatics, or even a big ranches with a registered herd, everyone is looking for great Angus Beef genetics at a great deal! 

1. Dad owns the ranch.

2. The tractor is paid for.

3. I have the worlds greatest job, raising Angus cattle with the goal to improve each generation as much as possible.

4. To make room for the next generation I must sell the new and improved ones I have now.

5. So I created F.A.T. Cattle pricing !

-Fair, based on age, EPD's or price paid

-Affordable (Dad owns the land)

-Tested, DNA tested for accurate EPD's

6. No Auction BS!

7. You get what you pay for in this world. When you buy cattle from me you'll be proud of the cattle, the genetics, & the value. Even better, you will be able to brag about it to all of your buddy's, with DNA tested EPD's to back you up. 

Thanks Britt

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Current member of the American Angus Association and the Texas Angus Association

Video of Bulls, Cows and Calves Fall 2020

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