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Registered Black Angus Cows and Heifers For Sale
Pregnancy confirmed by ultrasound

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Renowned for their exceptional maternal instincts, these Black Angus cows provide a solid foundation for any breeding program. With a commitment to preserving and enhancing the finest genetics, our herd boasts superior grass-fed lineage, ensuring not only robust health but also optimal performance in any environment. Elevate your herd to new heights of productivity and resilience with our premium Black Angus cows, each one a testament to the timeless legacy of quality and dedication. Additionally, rest assured in the knowledge that we conduct comprehensive DNA checks and pregnancy examinations via ultrasound, affirming the integrity and reproductive health of each cow, providing you with peace of mind as you build and expand your herd.

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Heritage in Every Hoofprint
Pioneering the Future!

  • We've Elevated our Herd through Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfer using the World's best Angus Sires.

  • These Cows, carrying AI & embryo pregnancies, boast pedigrees with 4, 5, 6, and even 7 Angus Pathfinders in their three-generation lineage. It's a tangible 'Proven Track Record' of superior Angus genetics.

  • "The groundwork is complete," ensuring profitability right from the outset!

  • Angus GS DNA testing stands testament to the extraordinary potential these cows possess in their calves.. 

  • Whether it's Bred Cows, Heifers, or Bred Heifers, they are primed and 'Ready To Go!'"

 Registered Black Angus Cattle

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These Ohlde Cattle genetics are the foundation of our breeding program. 

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