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OCC Bred Heifers

Calves are on the Ground at their Mamma's side,  Mamma is Pregnant again in record time.

This is the type of Mamma cows you want! 

OCC Bred Heifers (Ohlde Cattle Company), bred by the King of Genetic Breeding, Tim Ohlde himself (very rare opportunity to acquire a direct breeding by Tim) these girls were matched to OCC bulls

that will make a difference,

“as soon as the calf hits the

ground”.  AI'ed to OCC Night

Watch 902N & OCC X-cell 652X. Pasture exposed to OCC Good Man 661G, OCC  Gumption789G and our herd bull Johnny Bravo (GAR Ashland B2059) 

Realize that each calf, when born, will be valued from $3,500 to $15,000 as they mature and especially if we get a OCC Homer Granddaughter or a Paxton grandson. Keep all heifers, if possible, these are the foundation group to a Super herd. (24 available)

1860 Calf flowers 3.jpg
1860 5 m Bull calf profile.jpg
2022 calf.jpg
1 Cows Circle 2 Cropped .jpg

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