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Cow Families


The American Angus Association (AAA) provides more information about the Black Angus breed than any other breed association. The AAA, with Angus Genetics Inc., and Neogen GeneSeek have created the new “Angus GS” DNA test, that can be administered on day one with a new progeny. This test utilizes 50k markers specific to the Angus breed and allows us to make predictions and management decisions far earlier in the production cycle. This Saves Time, Money, and Improves the Genetics of this year’s calf crop. These are 3 goals at the heart of 1860 Farms cattle development and some I am sure you share as well.  

Angus GS has all markers used in the Angus evaluation, no imputation (no guess work or plugging in umbers) required. We know our cow herd better when we use the DNA testing on our females and can we make much improved breeding decisions, cutting generations off our breeding program. This allows us to meet your seed stock needs with out guessing. We have DNA confirmation and can calculate breeding's between individual yearlings, dams and sires to make the best mating and progeny possible.

We also used Enhanced Genetics, EPD's, i50K testing, and the Angus GS testing information to choose the Cow Families that are the backbone of our breeding program. We are very proud to have some of the greatest cow families represented here at 1860 Farms. We went to some outstanding Angus breeders such as Ohlde Cattle Co., Deer Valley Farms, Lesikar Angus, 44 Farms, Express Ranch, and Gardner Angus to get some of the most proven cow families. Here are just a few of our great angus ladies.

  • Rita

  • Pride

  • Queenie

  • Lucy

  • Deer Valley Rita

  • EXAR Unique Peggy

  • EXAR Unique Peggy

  • 44 Eileenmere

  • 44 Barbara

  • 44 Polly

  • 44Skymere.

  • Sedgwicks Barbara

  • A Plus Blackcap

  • OCC Dixie Erica

  • Burgess, Blackbird

  • Sedgwicks Princess

  • Queen Idelette

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