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H0 Series Heifers December 2022

Click here for update on calving and price, call or text for availability 


1860 Paxton Absolute H011, Reg: AAA 19795765, Cow, Birth Date: 04/29/2020 Tattoo: H011

Say Hallelujah! This girl is at the top of her calving game with an outstanding Top1% CED!! And on top of that a Paxton 730P Granddaughter! This girl will bring so much to your herd improvement buy adding Top 1% Calving Ease, Top 10% BW, Top 15% CM & Angle, Top 25% Claw and Top 30% $EN. She will help re-structure the frame/legs/Hoofs of your herd while add calving ease and $EN Value to all of her progeny.  She is a daughter of “Bruce” our $300,000 producing part time cover bull, now that is Proven Genetics. A GGD of S A V Final Answer 0035, GAR-EGL Protégé, G A R Predestined & SS Objective T510 0T26 puts her in a league of her own. Add to that she is a GD of K C F Bennett Absolute & OCC Paxton 730P. She is a Heifer with a future. She just calved a Heifer calf out of the incredible GB Fireball and is Confirmed Pregnant by “Johnny Bravo”. A fantastic 3in1 opportunity.


1860 Miss Final Answer H035, Reg: AAA *19913237, Cow, Birth Date: 10/29/2020 Tattoo: H035

A GGD of S A V Final Answer 0035 & Thomas Miss Lucy 5152 and a GD of K C F Bennett Absolute add to that the incredible genetics of GAR-EGL Protege & Rita 7M89 of Rita 5FH8 Pred and you've got something to brag about. She is a daughter of "Bruce" our $300,000 producing "part time" herd bull, a Grass-fed Monster. Save all of her heifers and sell all of her bull calves as calving ease specialist for full price. She has Top calving ease and birth weight along with Top $EN (Cow Energy Value) a super set of genetics to build your herd on. She just calved a bull calf out of “Johnny Bravo”. 


1860 Miss Dixie GAR H041, Reg: AAA *19980559, Cow, Birth Date: 09/22/2020 Tattoo: H041

"Holy Smokes Batman" The Holy Grail of genetics, Top Calving Ease & Birth weight, combined with Top 15% Weaning Weight and 20% Yearling Weight!! And there are lots more in the world of "Grass-fed" genetics that make her a stand out in any crowd. A daughter of "Bruce" our $300,000 earning "Part-time" herd bull she is packed with Angus Pathfinder standouts that will build your herd. Keep all of her heifers and sell her bull calves for top dollar. She is a Heifer with a future. She is confirmed Pregnant by “Johnny Bravo”. 


1860 Miss Rampage H044, Reg: AAA *19948875, Cow, Birth Date: 09/18/2020 Tattoo: H044

"What-A-Cow!! A Quaker Hill Rampage OA36 daughter with 12 EPD's in the Top 35% of the Angus Breed. If you want to improve Weaning Weight, Yearling Weight along with Heifer Pregnancy & Calving Ease Maternal Then this is going to be your favorite girl. She is as balanced, "Genetically", as you can get with strong EPD's in Production, Carcass & $ Values. Her Pedigree is beyond exceptional blending Quaker Hill Super Stars with GAR proven performers. She is a "Keeper". A Heifer with a future. She is Confirmed Pregnant by “Johnny Bravo”. 


1860 Miss Ten X Mitty H045, Reg: AAA *19913240, Cow, Birth Date: 11/15/2020 Tattoo: H045

“Whoa Now”,  “Hold Your Horses”, Look at this Mitty in Focus, S A V Final Answer 0035, A A R Ten X 7008 S A and "Bruce" our $300,000 "Part-time" herd bull all in a Genetic "Super Bundle" ! What type of EPD's would that produce?? Well just for starters The "Holy Grail" of the Angus Breed, Top 3% CED, Top 10% BW combined with Top 15% $W!! This is what everyone wants in a foundation cow. It is a "Super Star" package when you consider the Genetics in her 3-generation pedigree. Enjoy, she will become your favorite cows. She is Confirmed Pregnant by “Johnny Bravo”. 



Payment and Loadout

Cows & Bulls are flying out of the pasture, and everyone wants to know how they can reserve one and what happens next.

We accept, cash, Wire Transfer and checks.

If you pay cash, you can “load-out” your cattle as soon as possible.

If you pay by Wire Transfers allow enough time during Banking hours to confirm transfer. Usually if done by 10 am it can be confirmed by 2 o’clock in the afternoon. If done after 10 am allow until the next day to confirm and loadout. 

If you pay by check please allow 10 working days before a “load-out” date is set.

Breeding Exams are done as the bulls sell, please allow enough time for us to schedule this with the Vet.

You are always able to pick up a bull and schedule a Breeding Exam with your vet, all bulls are guaranteed.

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