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About Us

Long before the echoes of the Civil War or the leadership of Abraham Lincoln, predating the inaugural ride of the Pony Express, our family was tending to this very soil in Northeast Texas. Deeded to us by Sam Houston in 1860, over seven generations have nurtured this land. For 164 years, this land has been our steadfast provider, sustaining us through even the most challenging times. 

Today, our commitment deepens as we reinvest resources into the earth through practices such as cover crops, rotational grazing, and enhanced polycultures. Replenishing the nutrients that the soil has tirelessly bestowed upon us is essential to what we do here. 

​In the coming quarter-century, we will be focusing on the breeding and cultivation of Registered Black Angus Cattle. With special focus on catering to diverse needs such as seed stock, breeding stock, starter herds, yearling genetics, and herd bulls. Straddling the realms of EPD metrics like Calving Ease Direct (CED), Weaning Weight (WW), Yearling Weight (YW), and Dollar Beef Value ($B), we navigate the landscape of breeding animals that excel in the realm of 'Grassfed Beef' genetics. These genetic traits optimize performance on a grass and forage diet, emphasizing critical factors such as Calving Ease Direct (CED), Marbling (MARB), Yearling Weight (YW), and Cow Energy Value ($EN)—all pivotal to ranchers relying on natural forage.​Feel free to explore our cattle offerings, and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. Your connection with us is a continuation of the enduring story etched into the very fabric of this land.

Meet the Team

Hank Cattle dog


Head Herder

Joey cattle dog


Head of Security

"Your Grassfed Genetics have surpassed my expectations. These genetics have reduce my overall cost dramatically. Couldn't be happier."
"My calves hit the ground looking better than I could have imagined. Thank you for working with me to improve my herd."

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The cows/calves are doing great.  Always looking to add and we have had good luck with you guys."
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